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BWHT Zine Vol. 1

BWHT Zine Vol. 1


Before you order, please check the size chart

FIRST BATCH (ships early June 2021) is SOLD OUT!
You can still get a copy of the 2ND (and final) BATCH which will ship end of June/Beginning July 2021. 
The zine MUST be shipped flat, and CANNOT be combined in the same order with prints larger than 30X42cm (up to that size is okay)!
if you want to order it with larger prints - just know that you're giving up on the extra screen-print attached to the zine (which cannot fit into a shipping tube).

Black and Whites from Here and There (or BWHT in short) is a new zine compiled of many snippets I collected from different projects i worked on over the years. Some newer, some older, some used and some never saw the light of day.
24 pages of just black and white illustrations, ideas, thoughts and part-ofs.
Every copy is hand stitched and includes a hand-pulled mini screen print on grey cardboard.